The Concept is racing

Light weight. Strength. Style.


RAYS Engineering is involved in not only the top level of car racing such as F1 or GT1 World Championships, but also in grass-roots competitions such as gymkhanas, drifting and minicar races. Considering it just as important to take part in car races for the pure enjoyment of them, RAYS delivers wheels for competitive vehicles to drivers participating in such races. Volk Racing forged wheels and Gramlights flow form cast wheels are the most known wheels the brand has to offer.


Volk Racing

The Volk Racing wheel brand represents the benchmark for forged sport wheels that leverage racing technology. The lightness and strength of VOLK RACING wheels have been attained by applying the latest technologies. Using the clean silhouette and lack of ostentation of its Volk Racing wheels as a weapon. RAYS aims to fit them on all high-performance cars throughout the world.


The Gramlights sports brand extracts the ultimate performance by pushing the casting process to its limits. Through the employment of cutting-edge wheel theories in the manufacture of these wheels, this brand provides a level of performance that satisfies drivers with a passion for sports and offers unique ideas in terms of innovative designs and finishes.

Why choose RAYS?

RAYS has been involved in the world’s highest-level motor races, such as the F1 and GT1 World Championships, as well as in all categories of car racing that transcend the competitive level. Not limiting its operations to Japan alone, RAYS has recently taken part in car races in the United States and Europe as well.

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